Facebook Garage in Stockholm

Annika Lidne talked about the flaws of Facebook.

I attended the Facebook Garage in Stockholm yesterday. Unfortunately I had had to leave after about an hour which felt even worse considering how many people was there that I usually only “meet” on the web. Always nice to meet people in person. Flesh over pixels, I suppose.

It’s fun to be physically at the event but it’s even more fun to bring your computer. Almost everyone is blogging about what happens, taking pictures and even streaming video live, like Björn Falkevik does pictured below.

Brit Stakston being Bambused by Björn.

The result can be seen here.

Just like other blogger-dense conferences like the Hej!, Reboot, LIFT and the Hubbub conference they are social events where the online and the physical world intersect.

It’s possible to follow the conference while not being there by using a computer since everyone is blogging, twittering, jaikuing, flickring, bambusing and so on and it’s also possible to be at the conference and not bring a computer, but the experience is more than doubled if you combine the two.

I think this in itself is worth investigating in search of opportunity clouds. Build software and/or devices that makes it easier to be offline and online at the same time.

I didn’t bring a computer this time, but I took a few pictures. You can find them here.

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