The purpose of starting a business according to Pamela Slim

Guy Kawasaki has done a great interview with Pamela Slim where she talks about how to quit your job and a start a company. A subject she’s written a book about: Escape from Cubicle Nation. This is so true, from the interview:

“[…] the purpose of a business is to allow you to live the kind of life that makes you happy, healthy, wise, and wealthy…”

I am more and more thinking that personal growth and business development goes hand in hand. They can’t be separated, especially for small businesses. It can’t, no it must not, be about only money. You have to create something you love working with if the business is to be sustainable. Growing a business is also about growing the individuals working with that business.
We are leaving the industrial age. That also means leaving the industrial ways of thinking. Today a business has be agile and rewarding for the people involved. It has to have values, at least if it wants to survive in the long run.

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