Different kinds of money


It’s not apparent at first sight but there are actually different kinds of money. I can think of at least the following.

  • F.U. money. The money that makes you quit your day-job.
  • Porridge/ramen money. The minimum amount of money you need to survive each month.
  • Fat money. Money that drags you down and makes you slower. Like money from that investor that refuses to change.
  • Lazy money. Sibling to the fat money. Money that makes you lazy is money that you simply count on and have stopped fighting for. Never stop fighting. Big companies usually have lots of lazy money.
  • Sweat money. This is money you’ve worked hard for to earn. This is the best kind. You value sweat money much higher than any other kind of money.
  • Easy money. Doesn’t exist. Don’t be distracted by easy money. Move on.

When looking for money, be sure you know of what kind.

What other kinds of money can you think of?

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  1. Alex Jonsson

    Nice list!
    My contribution would be the “know money”, the kind you need to ante up in order to get on top of things, really get into something specific and grok it fully. Skimming is darn cheap and doesn’t require any substantial effort, while really digging is investing. You spend your know money until you picture what the real driving forces behind something really is. Then you earn it right back, by letting others know too!

    Prestigious? Perhaps — yet true? Certainly!

  2. NiclasJ

    Some good distinctions here! Made me think of one more:

    “Whore money” – kinda the opposite of F.U. money. The money that makes people stay at their day-job even though they’d like to do something else.

    Cheers! /Niclas

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