How to get rich

Diamond Ring

It’s actually quite simple.

1. Earn more than you spend. This one is obvious. If you don’t earn very much – cut down on your spending.

2. Passive income. You need to make money when you sleep. The easiest form of passive income is money on a bank account that carries interest, but that’s a very passive income. The most effective (but also most difficult) form of passive income is to launch a business that can run by itself without your constant attention.

3. Time. It will take time. Accept this fact and the temptation of easy money will not be as strong.

That’s it.


  1. Sasha Vinčić

    Yet another blog? Simple steps that take time to master but I totally agree. The first one I think I have mastered but sometimes it is just so easy to use that credit card 🙁

    I am working on the second one

    Third, I have all the time in the world 🙂

    Ping me for a lunch next time you are in Malmö.

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