Wings in the air

What do you need to succeed with your startup?

You need persistence, because it will take a long time. Longer than you expect.

You need passion, to endure.

You need the right kind of money. Most often this is money from your customers. Not VCs. Not banks. Not your friends. Customers!

You most definitely need to get started.

But in order to succeed the most important thing is to get your wings in the air.

You know how ducks sort of run on the water before they take off and fly away? Running on the water takes a lot of energy. It makes you less agile – and you may run out of water to run on even if you don’t collapse from exhaustion first.

The duck running on the water is you.

It’s you running your startup without sufficient revenue to support yourself. It’s you without “porridge money” (enough money to buy porridge to live on).

Make sure you can take off and get your wings in the air before the water runs out. Once you’re flying things are completely different.


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