“Books and apps” is the new “brick and mortar”

A “brick and mortar”-business is a business based in a physical store. It sells goods of some kind. The name comes from the building material used to build houses and the name represents something different than a virtual store, an e-commerce site.

I’d like to propose a third kind of store: “books and apps”.

A “books and apps”-store sells virtual goods that’s purely digital. Primarily e-books and mobile apps – thus the name.

A “books and apps”-store doesn’t have a physical store or even a warehouse because it doesn’t sell physical goods.

The cool thing about it is that you can start one yourself with minimal investment. Write a book, sell it as a PDF – or a mobile app. It’s never been easier and that’s why we will see plenty of small “books and apps”-shops where writers or developers work on their own to build and sell virtual goods.

A “books and apps”-shop is not a startup – or at least it doesn’t have to be. There’s nothing magical about it. Anyone can do it. It’s a new way to build a lifestyle business, made possible by the mobile app stores and the Kindle – with the added benefit that you can work on it from anywhere.

Books and apps – you can do it too.


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