Zero, One, Infinity – The Only Three Numbers Your Startup Should Care About

Zero. Getting started. Launching. Finishing the first version. Deciding on a name. Registering the company. Signing the co-founder agreements. Everything that gets you from a non-startup to a startup. We call that “getting to zero”.

One. Your first paying customer. Before you have a paying customer you don’t have a company, you only have a dream. A paying customer means someone thought your solution to a problem they had was worth paying for. A paying customer means you have a purpose and a reason to exist. A paying customer means most likely there are other paying customers.

Infinity. Scaling the company. A first company is a good milestone but to reach infinity you have to have a system that runs by itself. A wealth generating machine. An engine of growth. Something that is built to sell.

Zero. One. Infinity. Three milestones for your startup. The three most important numbers in your business.

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