A new kind of web

By: Claire Thompson

This guy is getting it

After a few months with AngularJS and REST-APIs, I have to agree with this blog post. Yes, we’re in a new era of web development.

It’s funny how technology moves in cycles and this is apparent in how the center of gravity moves between the server and the client. For a few years now the center of gravity has been on the server. The client (the web browser in most cases) was just a dumb document viewer for HTML and media files.

With modern Javascript-frameworks, this is changing. The browser has become a first class citizen of the web stack, fully capable of managing state and most of the logic that used to be on the server.

What this means to people who are not geeks developers: expect richer, faster web sites much more like desktop applications than just documents. Expect an increased innovation tempo. Expect the web to come alive. Everyone working with the web (and that means basically everyone who does business in some way) need to grok this.

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