The trillion dollar startup

By: Antti Kultanen

Steve Blank recently wrote a blog post about how Facebook is killing Silicon Valley. His argument is that too much money is “wasted” by being invested in startups with relatively trivial ideas and designed to make you click ads. The huge and rapid growth of social media has created enormous wealth in record time and the money is following at the expense of more long term investments like the cure for cancer.

While it can be argued that social networks that connect people really do add tremendous value to mankind, Steve has a point that we as a startup community can do better than generating clicks on ads.

Because, honestly, he’s right. You didn’t become an entrepreneur to sell ads. You want to change the world. Make it a substantially better place. Let us all aim higher!

The recent successful launch of the SpaceX vessel Dragon is a reminder of the fact that Big Ideas are still possible. The company Planetary Resources is another example of thinking big as are the driverless cars that Google is working on.

Technology provides us with so many potentially huge innovations. Somewhere out there is the first trillion dollar startup. Maybe it’s yours?

What do you think are trillion dollar startup ideas?

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