The incredible Mojang and the acceleration of disruptive innovation

Photo by: Elias Gayles

It’s not every day you see a news article in Swedish on Hacker News, but the latest profit numbers from Swedish indie game maker Mojang came in yesterday and the startup community of Hacker News jumped in to discuss them.

It’s simply amazing that a small one man company can grow so rapidly. It wouldn’t be possible without the disruptive power of the web behind it. Everyone has a global audience by their fingertips (although it’s not easy to reach it).

If you’re working in a larger, more established business there’s an important lesson from the team at Mojang AB: your most fierce competitor may not even have moved out of the garage yet, but they can overtake your market faster than you can say “TPS report”. They can hit you where and when you least expect it. The only remedy is to embrace change and become an innovator yourself.

That’s the thing that fascinates the Hacker News community. Everyone (well, almost) in that community wants to be the one taking down a large company and disrupting their market. There are thousands of smart people out there working on something that may totally change the rules of the game YOU are playing right now. Watch out for the Mojang of your market.

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