Everybody has a dream

Photo by: Adam Rifkin

My friend Christian once said: “entrepreneurship is about taking control of your own life”.

Of course there are many definitions of entrepreneurship but for the individual actually doing the work, taking the step, rolling the dice – and not studying entrepreneurship on an academic level – it is close to the truth.

I talk to a lot of people about entrepreneurship. I have started a few companies, had some minor successes and some failures, I’m not playing the big leagues in any kind of way as an entrepreneur but I have more experience in entrepreneurship than most people (even studied it on a master level). At the very least I have a strong passion for it and for what it can do to individuals and society at large (one reason we launched the Startup Dojo and why I’ve been doing various startup events).

So I often end up talking to people about their dreams.

What they really want to do if they didn’t do what they do now.

Most people have this dream of an alternative life. A different life. A better life.

It’s almost never about money or luxury, it’s more about a different lifestyle or being able to have an income doing what your passionate about.

But it almost always remains a dream.

This is what Christian referred to in the quote above. Taking control. Making the dream a reality.

Here’s the thing: entrepreneurship is about introducing (making) change and that always starts with yourself.

Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it requires hard work. Yes, you may have to take a financial risk.

But the way I see it, living your entire life without trying to fulfil your dream is the biggest risk of all.

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