So many questions

Photo by: USFS Region 5

It’s never a straight path. Get used to it.

While working in an established business certainly can be a challenge sometimes, I don’t think it compares to the constant uncertainty of a startup.

There are just so many open ended questions that keep popping up. Let’s just try and list a few from an early stage startup project.

What idea should I focus on? Can or should I do more than one startup project at once? What co-founders do I need? Should I look for outside investments? Should I take a bank loan? Should I quit my job? Should I try and do a high risk/high reward startup or a lower risk/lower reward lifestyle business (the difference can be nothing more than the amount of marketing dollar you have)? What markets should I target? Do I need a mobile app if I have a web site? Do I need a web site if I have a mobile app? How should I price my product? How should I receive payments? What cloud platform (if any) should I use? What technical platform is best suited for my product? Should I hire someone? What should I name my startup? Do I really need a .com domain?

Phew. I can go on like this for a long time. And this is just from the very beginning of the startup. No wonder so many people gets stuck and never take the plunge to get started.

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