Leaning forward

Feels like ages since I started this blog. The first post was written in July of 2006. Phew, 11 years ago. Time flies.

Back then, I worked for Sony Ericsson, making platform plans for web and Java in the mobile phones. The iPhone was still not out, Facebook was a tiny social network and Android was still a singer in an obscure Swedish electronics band. So much has changed. Yet, so much is still the same.

Currently, I work as a consultant in a company I co-founded called Lean Forward and in many ways it’s the natural continuation of this blog. I used to call it “agile business development” and many posts on this blog touch on that subject. I didn’t have a clear picture of what it was (I probably still don’t) but it’s what happens when you merge agile product development with innovation and digitalization and then add a flavour of purpose to it. The concept of growth is critical, but not just growth in revenue and profit. I find this post from 2009 on the same subject:

Growing a business is also about growing the individuals working with that business.

This. We need to “level up” our understanding of what a company is and does and that is what we try to achieve with Lean Forward.

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