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The Uncompany

By: Ryk Neethling

All the posts about the unconference Social Sweden Web Camp (SSWC) got me thinking. If there are lessons to be learned for every business from SSWC, then what do you call a company that already knows these lessons and lives by their rules?

An uncompany, of course.

An uncompany has a community of ambassadeurs, fans and followers, not customers.

An uncompany sees itself as a platform for others to create on.

An uncompany lives by an ethos and values that its community shares.

What else does an uncompany do? Any thoughts?

Pictures from LIFT07

I visited the LIFT-conference in Geneva and took some pictures. Some of them below.

Technological Overload?

Wifi Working

Photographing photos


LIFT was a nice place. Everyone ran around with either a camera or a computer over the shoulder, in some cases both. When everyone  is blogging about and documenting the conference, the experience is shared and prolonged. How do you get people to blog like that about your company?

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The creation of a market

Flea market

How is a marketplace created? What does it take for two people to start a conversation about buying or selling an object? (Markets are conversations, right?) Blankets on the ground? Objects on the blankets? Price tags?

Do we change our state of mind when we enter a marketplace?

The picture is from a flea market for children last summer. The market opened in the morning and closed late in the afternoon.