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Still here

Gamla Håkanstorp (1910)
A photo from 1910 on the street our house is (the one left to the man with the horse).

It’s been quiet on this blog for quite some time. I was supposed to write one blog post per day but that didn’t last long and now the blog has been silent for almost two years. Funny how time flies, isn’t it.

It’s been two very hectic years for me, personally. I’ve gotten married to my girlfriend (finally), bought a house, we just got our second daughter, I’ve started three companies and one cooperative company and I’ve gone through all the usual ups and downs of being an entrepreneur with one minute you’re feeling like the king of the world and next you’re wondering what the heck you’re doing.

Right now I’m focusing all my attention on my family and the company I run, Startup Studio. I’m learning new stuff every day from both of them which puts me in a very fortunate position. But it means that most of the blogging I do, especially about startups and related stuff, will be on our corporate blog. Perhaps I’m going to write more personal stuff on this blog. We’ll see…

Are you passionate about your job?

Of course you are. It’s the hot thing to be. This is the new status symbol. If you’re not working with something you’re passionate about, you’ve lost the game.

Worth noting, though: the word “amateur” means “lover of” or “love doing”.

Someone who is “professional”, on the other hand, is a person who gets consistently the same result from doing the same work. This is generally what people pay for.

Now would you rather want to be someone who loves what they’re doing or someone who’s basically a working machine?

Going from passionate amateur to passionate professional is extremely difficult. Just keep that in mind.