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Summer is coming

Even though the winter winds of February has a tight grip on the Nordics, summer is getting closer and closer. My goal is to be ready for launch with my side project before the summer. It’s frustrating not being able to work full time on it, but I don’t want to repeat the mistakes I’ve done in the past and not have enough of a buffer before starting.

I started with the #blogg100 (one blog post a day) two weeks ago and for some strange reason I actually started another project at the same time: a change of diet (low carb, high fat). These two will both run until summer, I hope.

So that’s my goals for the spring:

  • Launch my side project
  • Blog once a day
  • Lose weight by following a new diet

So far I’ve lost about 3 kg and I’m on my 15th blog post. I’m writing code for my side project almost daily so moving forward there as well. Let’s revisit this in a few weeks and see where I stand.